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Madame Jn Pierre's Learning Centre, where ... You learn the way YOU learn!

For over 10 years we have been helping our students gain the confidence needed to perform at their highest potential which results in noticeable improvements in their grades and self-confidence.

To date, we boast of a 100% success rate as our classes at our Greenhill, Liberta location are kept small and our students, as well as their parents, are held accountable for their participation in the process of seeing the improvement that is expected of each student.

We believe courtesy is paramount, belief in one-self is nurtured and a team-spirit is employed to see to it that we achieve success as a whole.

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We at Madame Jn Pierre's Learning Centre are constantly improving on, and adding to our programs so that we are able to accommodate a variety of students with a variety of needs.

In light of the Covid pandemic, we have made the necessary adjustments and all of our programs are now available online.

Our sessions are held online and at our centre in Greenhill Liberta from Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays. 




One-on-one or small group sessions (no more than 5) done at the centre or in your home.
Fun, reliable and professional teaching that gives your child the edge needed to stay ahead.

Cost: US$49 per hour
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Are you:
  • worried about supervision for your child after school?
  • unable to give them the support that they need?
  • frustrated in your attempt to get your child to study? 
Our homework program is the perfect program for you and your child. Not only will you stop getting complaints from teachers about incomplete homework, you will be amazed at the improvements in his/her grades and overall attitude towards school.
Cost: US$97 per month


Does your child need that extra support to navigate this foreign language? Does he/she need to do the language outside of school? Is your child planning to continue studies abroad and need the basics?
Contact us today!

Cost: US$59 per month
French Madame Jn Pierre Learning Centre.


Available for Grades 3 to Form 2 

More than just nouns and verbs, students will be taught the importance of language and the benefits of effective communication which is highly dependent on their ability to speak, read, write and understand English well.
Students will be challenged weekly as they join our reading club.  We strongly believe that reading is the basis of good communication.

Cost: US$59 per month
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Available for Grades 3 to Form 2 

In this newly re-designed program, we are going back to basics. Learning the fundamentals which teach us the how and the why.
Students will learn mental arithmetic and how to do basic operations, without and faster than a calculator.
This new and strong foundation will be evident in your child’s performance and his/her appreciation for Math will be greatly improved. 

Cost: US$49 per hour
New Maths Madame Jn Pierre Learning Cent


There is nothing more saddening than the child who comes to us and says: “I cannot read.” 

Our experience has taught us that it is fundamentally a lack of confidence and continuous reinforcement of that false reality that has convinced that child of this untruth.  
So far, by going back to the basics of Phonics, and by reinforcing the opposite: "YOU CAN READ!" we have been able to transform the lives of many children, one small win at a time.

If your child is struggling, contact us today!

Cost: US$49 per hour
Reading Program Qoute Madame Jn Pierre L


Our grade six lessons are primarily geared towards improving students’ weak areas by revising various
past papers.
Our students are usually capable of successfully completing any past paper given to them in record time and at a 90% or higher success rate.

If your child needs that extra support, contact us today!

Cost: US$97 per month
Practice Madame Jn Pierre Learning Centr

Math & English Combo 1st & 2nd form

Our Math & English Combo program every Saturday (12-1:30pm) for 1st and 2nd formers aims at going back to basics in order to

lay /fortify the foundation needed to ensure mastery of concepts and success at the higher levels. 


Like any building, we believe that these are important pillars to keep our students’ literacy and numeracy ‘structures’ in place to support heavier concepts. According to Evans and Hares (2021), “Foundational literacy and numeracy have many academic, social and economic benefits later in life.” Don’t leave your child’s fate to the wind. 


Secure tomorrow. Register TODAY!

Cost: US$65 per month

(Source: cgdev.org)

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Get the individual attention and support you need in our small classes to ensure your success.
Our experienced tutor goes above and beyond to maximize your chances of doing exceptionally well. Save your space in this class now.

Cost: US$75 per month
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Why fail your English exam when all you need is some confidence and a program that takes a holistic view of language mastery?
Start early and give yourself the edge you need to succeed in the exams. Enroll now!

Cost: US$75 per month
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Were you unable to complete school? Are you ready to give yourself a second chance? This 1 year combo program will bring you to a level where you can decide to pursue the CSEC program.
Start NOW! Do not waste another moment. You deserve it! Enroll now!
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This unique program is designed to maintain some sense of routine for students while they do online school. The program keeps students motivated and challenged through project-based learning with daily live video conferences with the tutor.
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Welcome to Madame Jn Pierre's Learning Centre where you learn the way that YOU learn! We are happy that you are ready to join us but first things first, let's get to know you a little better!
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1. Fees vary per program. Please contact the office for details of each program.

2. All fees must be paid upon registration and NO LATER than the first day of class each month thereafter.

3. In order to reschedule a class, parents/adult students must call at least 2 hours in advance.

- Classes that CANNOT be rescheduled will incur a 50% charge per hourly rate.

- Failure to inform the office at least 2 hours in advance will incur 100% charge per hourly rate.

4. Students must provide their own stationery.

5. Students should come ready to have lots of fun while learning the way they learn!