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The Journey begins

Hello, and a very warm welcome to MJP Academy!

"I am extremely honored to be the principal of MJP Academy - Primary School and Educational Development Centre. Watching this dream come true has been both rewarding and humbling. As our students walk through our doors next September morning, our hope is that they will walk into a space that feels like their home away from home. They should feel free to express themselves, speak their truth and not feel threatened or uncomfortable being their authentic selves. Our students will be inspired to take risks, learn through failure, and focus
on improvement rather than getting it right the first time. We highly value parents' involvement at our school and believe that supporting families as a whole is extremely beneficial for the children’s well-being and learning.

Our hope is to make every day a day filled with excitement, and anticipation as the children explore their surroundings and manipulate things in their environment as an integral part of the learning process. Whether they are running around in the yard, bouncing around on the trampoline or climbing the monkey bar, they will be guided to recognize that learning is and should be happening as they play. Although there will be weekly and daily schedules, these will remain fluid at the discretion of our trusted Guides who will tailor each day according to the needs of the little
people in their care.


We are excited to see the impact of our approach. It may take a while before we can fully document the long-term result of its effectiveness, however, we are of the firm belief that our approach will have a positive impact on our children’s learning, behavior, and social skills.

I am very proud of our team, our students and our parents as we prepare to navigate our founding year. Our community will be filled with adventure, learning, reflection, resilience, courage, and joy."

                                                                                                                                         - Kisma Panthier Jn Pierre



Who we are

We are different from mainstream education in that we believe that children are little human beings who learn best when they are understood and taught how to understand others. Research continues to point us in the direction that education that focuses on teaching children how to function better at school serves best than that which focuses on scoring good grades.

At MJP Academy we focus heavily on the entire child and not only the ability to regurgitate information. Our core focus is to equip our students with the necessary skills needed to explore and use their creativity and curiosity to draw conclusions about the world around them. We aim for them to be emotionally aware; conscious of who they are inside and out. We hope to help our students get and stay in tune with their feelings and develop the ability
to express those feelings in a healthy manner.

Our ultimate goal at MJP Academy is to have students who are first emotionally stable so that they can better assimilate curriculum and pedagogy.

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Where did it start?

  • Kisma had a dream (20 years ago)

  • Co-founder (passion for educating children) - provided funding for the project

  • Together decided to build an institution to provide an environment that nurtures a growth mindset in
    emotionally intelligent children

It has always been amazing to see what one person can start. But what’s even more amazing, is to watch what wonders can happen when a community of people comes together. We have no doubt that a community will come together to see this project through to completion to meet the opening date of September 2023.

Who we are

We will focus on these key areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Growth Mindset

  • Critical Thinking

  • Self-expression 

  • Value & Expression

  • Self Actualization

Key areas

Our Values




(school, family, wider community)